Breaking My Own Records!

Last week Monday and Tuesday, I wiped the floor with my personal baking record by baking and icing EIGHT vanilla cakes in 4 different sizes, as well as 120 vanilla cupcakes!

On the Monday morning I started by making 10kg of white vanilla butter icing, then baked the cakes which were cooled, stacked and “dirty iced”. On Tuesday I baked the cupcakes and started making more icing which had to be coloured to a fuchsia, mint, cream and caramel (for the cuppies).
Here’s a heads’ up if you want to do the rosettes on a cake – you need almost three times the amount of icing you would need for a normal flat cake covering!
It was a little under 16 hours combined oven time (split between my two ovens) and about 25kg of my vanilla butter icing!


~~the cakes – cooled, stacked and dirty iced~~


~~the cakes after they were covered with rosettes, and one of each of the cuppies~~

The order was for Baytiques Trading (they’re on Facebook too) to form part if their display at SARCDA (the gift, toy and decor trade exhibition), and they got loads of compliments!

Just look how amazing my cakes and cupcakes looked!

After the show, some of the cakes were given to their warehouse staff, a couple were frozen to enjoy later, one was eaten, and the cupcakes were donated to Little Eden. How cool is that!

Thank you for your order Elysia, and for the pictures of your display!


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A Very Personal Birthday Cake

This is Sheena’s 30th birthday cake.
Her husband spent days planning the theme and decorations, and knowing Sheena personally I had great fun making her cake.

The sugar paste decorations represent significant events or aspects of her life, starting with her roots in Durban, her move to JHB, her social media life and work, her marriage to Jon, and her nail art, all surrounding a bee on a pedestal as we all know her as “Shebee”.
Pink is her favourite colour so I did an ombre vanilla butter icing on the outside of a cake which consisted of layers of chocolate and strawberry cake filled with chocolate icing and cream cheese icing. The strawberry cake was made because my strawberry cupcake is Sheena’s favourite, but I definitely need to add more strawberries when I bake it in a cake instead of cupcakes.

The pictures are from Sheena too as I didn’t photograph the cake myself!

 20140826_watermark_IMG--WA0010 20140826_watermark_IMG--WA0011 20140826_watermark_IMG--WA0012 20140826_watermark_IMG--WA0007 20140826_watermark_IMG--WA0008 20140826_watermark_IMG--WA0009


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Why Do You Need A Wedding Cake?

First off – you don’t!

Tradition is not law! You can have cupcakes or tarts or a stack of different cheeses if you’d like!


The wedding cake tradition varies from country to country- usually served as dessert. In parts of England it is served at a breakfast the day after the wedding, and in some places a cake with lots of tiers actually only has one edible tier – made for the bride & groom to keep and share.

The many-tiered cake stems from a medieval tradition where the cakes were stacked as high as possible and if the bride & groom could kiss each other over the top it guaranteed their prosperity (this is where the croquembouche concept came from)!
Traditionally a wedding cake is a fruitcake because they symbolise fertility and prosperity, and the sharing of the cake is supposed to bring the guests good luck.

In the 17th and 18th century, refined white sugar was exceptionally expensive and hard to come by, so a cake covered in white icing was a sign of a family’s wealth and social standing, and when Queen Victoria used white icing on her wedding cake it became known as royal icing.
White also a sign of the bride’s virginity and purity, and cutting or breaking the cake symbolised the groom’s breaking of the bride’s virginal state and her subservience to him.

At first it was the bride’s “duty” to cut and distribute the cake, ensuring her fertility, but as wedding cakes grew in size and decoration it became a joint venture with the groom assisting in this task, and then first sharing a piece by feeding it to each other was a demonstration of their promise to forever provide for each other.

There are also lots of superstitions when it comes to wedding cakes.
If a bridesmaid put a piece of wedding cake under her pillow she would dream of the man she would marry, and the tradition of keeping the top tier of the wedding cake to eat on the first wedding anniversary also stems from a superstition where this would prevent marital problems in the future.

In modern times, the wedding cake is often the centrepiece of the wedding reception and is cut and served as a part of the dessert after the dinner. It is also often served during “cocktail hour” for the guests to enjoy whilst the couple head off to have their pictures taken.

You can make your wedding cake (or cupcakes or cookies or tarts) as simple or as detailed as you would like it to be – a reflection of you and the groom and your hobbies and interests, have it share the wedding’s colour scheme and theme, with or without a cake topper (symbolising togetherness).

You can serve it with coffee after dessert, with or as your dessert, serve it before the reception even starts, or even package it specially and send it home with your guests as bonbonnieres (more on those next week)!

Have a look at some gorgeous ideas for wedding cakes and cupcakes on my Pinterest board here…

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My Nephew’s Birthday Bulldozer

I make birthday cakes for my nephews instead of buying them gifts, so its a win-win for everyone!


My nephew Linc is mad about tools and construction, so this year his mommy organised him a construction-themed party. And he loved his cake! His face when he saw it is one of the huge reasons I love what I do!

I layered vanilla cake with chocolate butter icing before covering it in sugar paste and decorating it to look like a bulldozer-slash-grader. The “dirt” is chocolate cake crumbs on butter icing and the rocks are made of sugar paste.

sculpted cake, novelty cake, vanilla cake with chocolate butter icing, bulldozer, grader, construction theme cake


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Humpty Dumpty Didn’t Have A Fall…

Candice ordered a birthday cake from me in June - a vanilla cake with chocolate butter icing – shaped like Humpty Dumpty!
There was quite possibly more planning and structural assembly in this cake than in any other cake I’ve done!

I did a lot of contemplation as to how I was going to do Humpty… Whether to do a cake wall with a sugar paste egg, or a cake wall with a rice krispy treat egg, or do everything in cake…
I went with the last option and sculpted Humpty and the wall – all out of cake!

I was a nervous wreck transporting this cake to the birthday boy’s house! I was cradling it gingerly all the way there, terrified it would fall over in the car and Humpty would be smashed!

humpty dumpty cake, novelty cake, sculpted cake,


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