Its a Gila Monster!

I just LOVED how this cake turned out!
I’ve done several cakes for this birthday boy – he just loves his reptiles!

This is what the marbled sugar paste looked like before I rolled it out to cover the cake – its about a kilo of fondant, marbled with three different shades of brown, a bit of flesh colour, a bit of yellow, and some black.
It looked like a big tiger’s eye stone!

Hey Baby!

These cupcakes were ordered for a baby shower <3
There are strawberry-flavoured cupcakes with a brownie baked into the bottom topped and whipped milk chocolate ganache, carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing, vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon curd topped with a lemon butter icing, and marble cupcakes filled with caramel topped with chocolate butter icing.

I made the flowers and bows, and I got the little footprints
and the ABC squares from Kadies in Fourways.
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Office Party!

I’ll bet you’ll wish you worked here!

An assortment of cupcake flavours for the company’s “cake day”!
Strawberry Heaven – my own invention – strawberry cupcakes with a white chocolate and shortbread truffle filling, topped with strawberry cream cheese icing.
“Tempo” cupcakes – chocolate cupcakes with a caramel and shortbread filling, topped with chocolate butter icing inspired by a chocolate of the same name.
Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter icing.
Cookies and cream cupcakes – chopped cookies baked into a cupcake with white vanilla butter icing and cookie crumbs.

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