Almost A Dragon Cake…

This is what the cake looked like on Friday morning!

Do note that it is resting on a sixteen inch cake board – this is a big cake!

The body is layers of chocolate mud cake sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache, the tail and part of the neck are sculpted from a kind of cake-pop mixture of chocolate mud cake and ganache. The head and part of the neck is made of rice krispy treats. The whole thing was then covered in chocolate ganache before it was smoothed in preparation for the icing.

Next time I will use more chocolate ganache, and that section between his head and his body was really tricky to do with the sugarpaste because its such a narrow space… I’ll have to rethink something like that next time.

Anyhoodle. Its not perfect, but its not bad.


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2 Responses to Almost A Dragon Cake…

  1. Gina says:

    HoooooBoy! I cannot wait to see him finished!!!!

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