An Espresso Streussel Cake “Beater Test”

The recipe book describes this cake as a “Frankenstenian” melding of a cobbler, a Brown Betty pudding, and a Streussel, so I was intrigued!

Its a chocolate batter with chopped apple in it topped with roasted sugar tossed peanuts!! If you’re a fan of cake without icing, this little monster may be perfect for you.

Here it is after it came out of its baking tin!

And here it is cut so you can see the apple on the inside! Its quite dense so the apple doesn’t all sink to the bottom of the tin while its baking.

Seize the Chocolate beta tested it for me so you can pop over and see what she thought. When she collected it we had a cup of coffee and a slice of cake each… You know, to test the quality! She even froze it and thawed it successfully!

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