Shoowee… What A Week…

Lets just say it was rough and leave it at that.

I didn’t even photograph everything I did! I did a LOT of baking including a beta test of red velvet brownies, a few deliveries, had several people collect their orders from my house, and I had great fun doing a bit of a cupcake decorating demo at a bachelorette party on Sunday afternoon! The demo was good fun and an awesome experience for me to learn from.


red velvet brownies

I need to make them more red, and even though the recipe doesn’t include it I think they need nuts and perhaps raspberries or something…

the table all set at the bachelorette party for a cupcake decorating demo


This coming week is going to be just as crazy, if not more so! I am going to have to plan very carefully… Thank you to my customers who were willing to change the delivery or collection dates of their orders! I can’t tell you how much your patience means to me!

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