S’mores Cupcakes “Beater Test”

S’mores are a favourite treat for American families, especially when they’re out camping or sitting around a warm fireplace, and I just LOVE the combination of chocolate and marshmallow.

The trick with these particular cupcakes was baking them using Graham crackers to get their distinctive taste, without making them heavy and dry. It took a LOT of mixing and folding to make sure the batter stayed light and full of air!

Here they are as they came out of the oven- and as always I get a little tingle of satisfaction when a scratch recipe turns out with such perfection, especially if its the first time I bake it!

I love it when a recipe comes out of the oven perfectly first... on Twitpic S'mores cupcake anyone!? on Twitpic

Once they were cooled they were filled with my own version of “marshmallow fluff” as I was battling to find it on the shop shelves, and then topped with a sticky, rich chocolate ganache. Then immediately before serving I piped a marshmallowy icing on top which was then toasted in the oven to evoke the “fireside” taste of S’mores!!

And here they are, nicely posed with chocolate and Graham crackers!

s'mores cupcakes

These are quite a mouthful let me tell you! And I have already added them to my price list!

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  1. Tanya says:

    HOLY MOLY! that looks divine!! *makes mental note*