Birthday Cake And Fudge!

A while ago I had a special offer on my baby themed cakes and Kerry took me up on it. And she was very happy with the cake too! I just LOVE a happy customer!

She ordered a chocolate cake (one tier with chocolate butter icing and chocolate ganache), hand made sugarpaste bears (one of which had to be the one with the blankie over his head), and sugarpaste toy blocks spelling out the birthday boy’s name. She wanted the cake to look like a gift  so I had great fun making the curly bow to go on top!

chocolate cake, hand made sugarpaste bears, hand made fondant bears, sugarpaste (fondant) toy blocks, gift cake

Kerry also ordered some of my vanilla “fudge” (the kind I make with white chocolate) and asked me to colour it blue and green to match the party colour scheme. The blue one was more successful than the green one, but it was yummy indeed.

vanilla white chocolate fudge coloured blue

When Kerry’s other half arrived to fetch the cake, I thought he was fetching a different order (I didn’t realise who he was and I had a few orders being collected by husbands that morning) and I was merrily showing him a cupcake order for someone else when he said he better check his instructions…

“Green and blue fudge and a cake…?” he says!

The poor guy! I could just see him wondering how he was going to explain cupcakes to his wife when he arrived home without a cake! I apologised profusely and showed him the fudge and the cake before sending him on his way with the RIGHT boxes!


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