About Angel

Wife, mom, Guide Dog puppy raiser, cake artist, ADHD champion, wedding planner, dog lover, and tattooed cat slave.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

I baked these for a friend’s baby shower, and took them with me when I went to Cape Town for the party!

To make sure they survived the trip, I baked “plain” chocolate cupcakes in silver cups, and then decorated them with blue and white two-tone butter icing, and moulded fondant baby shower themed decorations.

My Birthday Cupcakes

I was expecting a lot of guests for my birthday party, so I figured 3 different batches would do for everyone to have a taste. I had also just acquired a cupcake stand, so I wanted them to look pretty and colourful as well.

I love berries, so there was no doubt that I would have berries in and on at least some of my birthday cupcakes… eventually I chose two secret-centre chocolate recipes, and instead of my favourite strawberry cupcakes I did blueberry instead! I topped the blueberry cupcakes- in sliver cups- with a purple butter icing, 3 fresh blueberries and silver dragees. I just love the sour berries and the sweet icing and cake combination.

I then baked chocolate cupcakes with a whole strawberry inside- the secret centre- in black cups. I iced them with strawberry flavoured, butter icing that I coloured almost red, a fresh raspberry and confetti sprinkles with edible glitter (‘coz I do love all things shiny).

The other chocolate cupcakes had a crème-caramel secret centre, and I baked them in gold cups. I iced them with an uber-rich chocolate fudge icing, hundreds and thousands and a little moulded fondant cupcake! As an added surprise, there was a little blob of caramel underneath the chocolate icing!

hALLOWeeeeeeeN bRaaaaaaINS…

The knucklehead was going to a Halloween party and asked if I would bake him some cupcakes to take with him.

I decided on a red velvet cupcake in a black paper cup, and then on the top I used a blob of strawberry jam, and covered it in white butter icing squiggles to make them look like brains. I then drizzled a bright red icing all over the completed “brain”!