Calling All “Beater Testers”!

How the “beta testing” works is that I try something new, and you tell me what you think!

If you want to try one of these recipes, there’s a small price to cover the cost of the ingredients. Each of these experiments will cost you R60, only one “batch” of each recipe is available so its first-come-first-served. Your order will have to be collected from me in Midrand. Biscuits can wait for collection, but cakes and cupcakes and such need to be collected the day they are baked.

Leave a comment on this post and tell me which on you would like, I will then email you further details.


So here’s the list of recipes I am going to be attempting.

  1. Fudge-stuffed Peanut Butter Cupcakes (12) taken
  2. Sweet Sesame Seed Biscuits (12)
  3. Yoyos custard biscuits sandwiched with lemon butter icing (12)
  4. Traditional Baked Cheesecake taken
  5. Banana Mousse Pie
  6. Snickerdoodles cinnamon! (12) taken
  7. Scrummy Six-Layer Slice chocolate, hazelnuts, biscuits and coconut… 🙂 (12) taken
  8. Double Chocolate Cupcakes (12) taken
  9. Passionfruit Biscuits granadilla, sandwiched with a passionfruit filling (12)
  10. Berry Cake taken
  11. Marshmallow Fingers think marshmallow on a biscuity base… (12) taken
  12. Peanut Butter Cups (24) taken

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Or wait… maybe I shouldn’t send you there!!! If I’m the only entry perhaps they’ll give it to me by default?

It is so beautiful. I can already see it on my sideboard displaying photograph after photograph of my hubby, my son, my cats, my cupcakes… You see?!? I need it!!!

I tell you what, go over to the GirlGuides page, and tell them to give it to me!!


MeeA’s Prize!!

I had a caption competition on a blog a while ago, and MeeA submitted the winning caption for the photograph!
This was her prize!

There are chocolate cakes (in the yellow paper cups), with pink and white butter icing and a flake 🙂 There are chocolate secret-centre cakes with chocolate cutter icing on and tiny yellow fondant flowers. There are red velvet cupcakes with cream-cheese icing on them. There are also chocolate cupcakes with a crème-caramel secret-centre in purple cups, with a chocolate ganache-type icing sprinkled with nuts.


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