A Ruby Anniversary Gift Cake!

On Sunday June 2nd, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!
My siblings and I surprised them with a chocolate cake, and each of us decorated one side of the square.

chocolate cake, anniversary cake

They loved it!

Happy Anniversary mommy and daddy darling!


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An Anniversary Cake!

I have officially named this cake “MeeA’s Madness” and it will be listed as such on my pricelist.

When MeeA contacted me last year about a cake worthy of her tenth wedding anniversary,  we had several conversations about what it could be. MeeA wanted to combine some of her favourite flavours in a cake, and she wanted to surprise her guests as well, and so MeeA’s Madness was born.


Its a huge cake! Three layers of red velvet cake and two layers of meringue, filled with cream cheese icing and fresh raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries perfectly compliments the cream cheese icing and the sweetness of the meringue, whilst the contrasts in the texture of the red velvet cake and the meringue make it SO much fun to eat!


Happy tenth anniversary MeeA and David!

Cupcake-In-A-Jar For Kelly And Bevan

I can’t tell you how much I love weddings!

On Saturday afternoon, I delivered an order of cupcake-in-a-jar (chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse) to the exquisite Arcadia Ballroom at The Westcliff for Kelly and Bevan’s wedding reception!

The jars were decorated with white spoons, white ribbons and white lids, and a special tag from macaroon personalised stationery was supplied by Kelly for me to put on the jars.

At first I tried to stack the jars on the table under the mirror in the reception hall, but they are not the most stable bottles as the lid and the base of the bottle don’t fit together entirely well… so I arranged them in rings on the table instead with the outer ring’s labels hanging off the edge of the table.

@JAttorneys Seventh Anniversary Cupcakes!

Jacobson Attorneys celebrated their seventh anniversary today, and as part of their special day they sent a special selection of cupcakes to several of their clients!

Underneath the white vanilla butter icing- which was topped with the company’s logo and Twitter handle mounted on sugarpaste and sported a brightly coloured (and slightly sparkly) number seven- was a selection of chocolate cupcakes, red velvet and vanilla marble cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes marbled with green and white and orange and white!

The labels on the boxes were very beautifully done by Snapping Turtle Design & Print.