What Are Cake Pops?

The short description?

They’re too much work and I don’t do cake pops at all, not for fun or for orders. 😀

Bakerella’s Baby Face Cake Pops

Cake pops are made by mixing cake with icing or ganache until you get a consistency you will be able to roll it into balls.
In case you missed it, that means you have to bake a cake and cool it, make the icing you would like to use – butter icing, cream cheese icing or chocolate ganache – and then mix the two together.

Bakerella’s Humpty Dumpty Cake Pops

In my experience, a cake recipe that doesn’t use a lot of, or any oil, is best. And mixing it by hand, adding a little icing at a time, makes it FAR easier to keep an eye on the consistency.
You then roll about two tablespoons of the mixture into a nice round ball (or egg, flower pot, snowman, Christmas tree, whatever shape you like) and place it on wax paper on a baking sheet. You’ll get LOADS of them… And they can’t be too big else they won’t stay on the stick.
Stick them in the freezer.

Bakerella’s Cupcake Pops

Once they’re frozen, you dip a lolly stick into some melted chocolate and then push the stick into the frozen cake balls. The chocolate hardens at the base of the ball and prevents it sliding down the stick. You also get lolly sticks with little flattened discs on them that serve the same purpose.
Then you freeze them a little more.
Then you melt chocolate, and colour it if you’d like to, and dip the frozen balls on sticks into the melted chocolate.
Rinse, repeat.
Once you have the desired chocolate coating you can decorate them.
Oil in the cake, the icing or the flavourings could seep and make cracks in the chocolate cover, so try to avoid it.

Silicone Cake Pop Pan

That funky “cake pop pan” you can buy will make gorgeous little balls of cake in all kinds of colours and flavours, but they’re not actually cake pops… And I still want the pan.

But you can’t pay me enough to make cake pops. Not ever.

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I Am Determined…

to make cake pops!! I have found several recipes but I am battling to find the “candy melt” as used overseas, and chocolate just doesn’t work…

I made mine with a chocolate cake and mixed in some ready made Pilsbury chocolate icing to make it sticky (as per the recipes) but I made them too big so they were too heavy for the sticks and the chocolate doesn’t cool and dry evenly on the ball and and and…

Anyhoodle, they are painfully sweet but I will definitely be trying them again! And as soon as I get it right they will be up for ordering!