Its A Bicycle!

This sugarpaste bicycle is about 10cm long, and it was the final result of enough sugar work to make FIVE bicycles! I was initially determined to make the bike able to stand upright on the cake, but no matter what I tried it wasn’t going to happen and it ended up laying flat… it just wasn’t stable enough. I’ve never battled so much with a cake topper but I had a lot of fun whilst I did, LOL!

Here it is still drying out and propped up…

sugarpaste fondnt hand crafted bicycle

And here it is on top of the cake that Laura baked for her triathlete fiance.

sugarpaste fondnt hand crafted bicycle


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Masked Ball Cake

I was very excited when Bronwyn asked me to do a cake for her daughter, Talia, with a “masked ball” theme!

With the sticky, humid weather we had this last week, I was terrified that the hand made sugarpaste mask wasn’t going to dry enough for it to stand on top of the cake! I had to stop myself picking it up to see how dry it was because I risked breaking it every time!

Thankfully the weather dried up and the mask dried beautifully. I “cemented” it onto the cake with hardened sugarpaste “stands” and royal icing.

The cake was one tier of delectable chocolate covered in sugarpaste, and I added real satin  ribbons and pink feathers to the finished mask.

sugarpaste, fondant, mask, pink, white, silver, masked ball, masquerade

the mask, in process…

sugarpaste, fondant, mask, pink, white, silver, masked ball, masquerade, feathers

the finished mask

sugarpaste, fondant, mask, pink, white, silver, masked ball, masquerade, chocolate cake

the finished cake


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Birthday Cake And Fudge!

A while ago I had a special offer on my baby themed cakes and Kerry took me up on it. And she was very happy with the cake too! I just LOVE a happy customer!

She ordered a chocolate cake (one tier with chocolate butter icing and chocolate ganache), hand made sugarpaste bears (one of which had to be the one with the blankie over his head), and sugarpaste toy blocks spelling out the birthday boy’s name. She wanted the cake to look like a gift  so I had great fun making the curly bow to go on top!

chocolate cake, hand made sugarpaste bears, hand made fondant bears, sugarpaste (fondant) toy blocks, gift cake

Kerry also ordered some of my vanilla “fudge” (the kind I make with white chocolate) and asked me to colour it blue and green to match the party colour scheme. The blue one was more successful than the green one, but it was yummy indeed.

vanilla white chocolate fudge coloured blue

When Kerry’s other half arrived to fetch the cake, I thought he was fetching a different order (I didn’t realise who he was and I had a few orders being collected by husbands that morning) and I was merrily showing him a cupcake order for someone else when he said he better check his instructions…

“Green and blue fudge and a cake…?” he says!

The poor guy! I could just see him wondering how he was going to explain cupcakes to his wife when he arrived home without a cake! I apologised profusely and showed him the fudge and the cake before sending him on his way with the RIGHT boxes!


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A Steampunk Wedding Cake!

Bonita and Ross got married this weekend past. They had a Steampunk wedding in the very picturesque- and very apt- Kaapschehoop and I just have to send you to Jeanette Verster Photography to see some pictures! Some of the guests were dressed up in the Steampunk theme too! Bonita’s mom made her dress and her dad made much of the decor – so special!

So back in May, Bonita sent me a picture of a cake she’d found on the internet and asked if I could do something like it for her. At first I said it may be better to find someone closer to the wedding venue to do it for them (Kaapschehoop is several hours drive from me), but after searching for a while they came back to me and we started planning!

I was very excited about this cake! I started seeing ideas in my head even while we were talking about it!

And I am very pleased with the result.

Here are some of the wheels and cogs when they were drying- I hadn’t quite finished the painting to make them look metallic yet…

sugarpaste, fondant, hand made, cogs, wheels, steampunk

It was several days work all together- spread over several weeks- as each cog and wheel was designed and hand made by li’l ol’ me, as was the cake topper. The cake’s bottom tier is chocolate and the top tier is red velvet, all covered and decorated with sugarpaste which I then painted to get the metallic sheen.

steampunk, wedding cake, two tier

Bonita and Ross also ordered red velvet and chocolate cupcake-in-a-jar wedding favours! They supplied the ribbons and the silver spoons, and after collecting them from me they added little “eat me” tags and put their “thank you” stickers on the sides of the jars.

cupcake-in-a-jar, red velvet, chocolate, steampunk

 You can see a picture of a finished jar with its tags and thank you sticker here!


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A 60-21 Birthday Cake!

My daddy darling turned 60 this September, and my son turned 21 this past April! We didn’t have money to do something “big” for my son in April (we went out for dinner in celebration) so we decided to combine my dad’s and my son’s milestone birthdays and have one celebration for both.

This cake is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter icing. I then covered the cake with blue and black sugarpaste, half-half, and decorated one side of the cake for my dad and the other half of the cake for my son. The decorations were handmade (without moulds) out of sugarpaste and we served it for dessert. It was polished off in short order and I was very glad not to have half a ton of left over chocolate cake!

chocolate cake, sugarpaste cover, twenty first birthday, sixtieth birthday, sugarpaste skull, sugarpaste duck

For my son’s side of the cake I made a sugarpaste skull. Or tried to… Heh heh… The nature of fondant (AKA pettinice, sugarpaste or plastic icing) means that as it dries it cracks if you manipulate it which worked like a bomb to make the skull look cracked and old, but I got the shape of the skull a little wrong and it looks more like a Neanderthal or a gorilla… LOL!

sugarpaste skull, handmade, fondant skull

For my dad’s side of the birthday cake my mom and I together made a yellow duck wearing a life-saver and smoking a cigar!

sugarpaste duck, cigar smoking duck, life preserver, fondant, handmade

I also served some of my own recipe “fudge” (strawberry, cappuccino and vanilla flavour) which is not like South African “traditional” fudge in that it has white chocolate in it. Its sweet and rich and its much like eating little blocks of ice cream and it just melts in your mouth!

american-style fudge made with white chocolate, strawberry flavour, vanilla flavour, cappuccino flavour


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