Here Be Dragons!

I have done a few cakes for Theuns’s birthday celebrations,
and this year he wanted a black dragon with red eyes!
I absolutely LOVE dragons, and I have done several dragon-themed cakes over the years,
but this was the first one covered in scales!

I am super thrilled with how it turned out – especially since it took a whopping
ELEVEN HOURS to cover and decorate (not including baking and sculpting it)!

Inside its layers of my delectable chocolate cake and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate butter icing,
and the board is covered with gold painted sugar paste discs.
I added a few pearls and little white sugar bones to make it look more like a dragon’s hoard!

Minette was thrilled with the cake too, and happy customers is exactly why I love my job!


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Hulk! Smash!

This green vanilla cake, filled with cream cheese icing, was made as a gift for my nephew’s 7th birthday party!
He had a superhero party, so I made it to look like Hulk’s fist smashing through the ground!
My nephew was thrilled with it!

Midrand cake artist - cupcakes, cakes, and sugar art. This cake is not available for orders.

NB! This cake is not available for orders as I cannot sell themes subject to copyright.

Everyone Loves Unicorns!

I was thrilled with how this turned out – I loved the bright colours on the pink cake,
and I finished with time to spare…

Then I checked my invoice again as I always do when I file it,
and the unicorn and rainbow were supposed to be pastels, not bright colours!
🙈 Ugh!

I had to redo the topper, so I delivered it to my customer that evening.
I managed to take the topper apart without doing too much damage, and redid the candle holders.
It looked great, but I could kick myself for making myself a few hours extra work! 😂


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Boy or Girl

I did my first “gender reveal” cake for some very dear friends! 

Decorated with a little blue sugar sneaker and a little pink sugar shoe, and pink and blue sugar paste hearts, it’s covered in a rich cream cheese icing so that the colour of the cake inside is a surprise – blue cake for a boy, or pink for a girl!
This one was blue inside!
It’s such a privilege to do a gender reveal cake – knowing whether the couple is having a boy or a girl even before they do, and keeping it a secret!


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