A Rainbow Cake!!!

This past Saturday was my youngest sister’s baby shower, and my sister and my mom and I had so much fun organising and setting up and such! And I thought a rainbow cake would be a perfect colourful ending to the day’s procedures. The cake took quite some time to prepare as each layer has to be coloured and baked seperately, and then they all have to cool before they can be stacked. I sandwiched the layers with strawberry and apricot jam, which perfectly tempered the sweetness of the cake and the icing on the outside. I have a wire cake cutter with which I can level the rounded tops of my baked cakes and this is very important when you want to stack them. This cake is a rather tall 16cm (an average 2 layer cake is about 10cm), not counting the height of the babies on top!

Do you remember the sugar paste babies I made? They were for my sister’s rainbow cake! I made a snail baby as well and this is what it looked like before it was cut.

7 layer rainbow cake

And this is what it looked like inside! All the colours are represented- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!

7 layer rainbow cake

And this is what a slice looked like!

7 layer rainbow cake slice

Jon’s 31st Birthday Cupcakes

Can you tell what Jon’s favourite colour is!? Jon’s girlfriend Sheena ordered a red velvet cake and a selection of cupcakes for his birthday celebrations, and in chatting to her I suggested we make the red velvet an orange velvet cake instead, since the colour isn’t what makes it taste so good!

I ringed the base of the triple layer, cream cheese icing covered, orange velvet cake with orange sugar crystals, put sugar paste lettering on spelling out Jon’s name, with a sugar paste “happy birthday” banner, and then formed a “31” with bright orange non-pareils! Jon and Sheena were very happy with the cake! I hope they took pictures coz I have no idea what it looked like inside!

Sheena also ordered cupcakes! The chocolate cupcakes are topped with chocolate butter icing and some more orange non-pareils, and the vanilla cupcakes are iced to look like my signature soft-serve cupcakes with flakes, but with orange and white two-one icing instead of pink and white butter icing!


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