Sweet Treats for a Birthday Party

For Aiden’s 2nd birthday, his mommy baked his birthday cake, and ordered sweet baked goodies from me for the party guests!

traditional baked cheesecake served with fresh chopped strawberries and citrus

strawberry cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing,
and caramel-filled chocolate cupcakes with caramel and vanilla butter icing

iced sugar cookies – checquered flags, cars, and planes

red velvet “brownies” made with chopped macadamia nuts, cherries, and cranberries,
and snickerdoodles (my favourite FAVOURITE cookie)


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Here Puppy, Puppy, Puppy…

I did this cake and cupcakes for a P a w P a t r o l-themed party, without infringing on their copyright! 😀

The bottom tier is my vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, the middle tier is a chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, and the top tier is a dummy cake – purely for decoration.


Cake artist Midrand. Cakes, cupcakes, sugar art. Custom made. Hand made. Three tier cake, dog themed.

The bottom tier is green decorated with brightly coloured pawprints and little white bones. The middle tier is white with Dalmation spots and a red collar, and the top tier is on fire, with the birthday boy’s #6 made to look like brick, also on fire, being hosed down to put the fire out.

The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes have a topping of white vanilla buttercream and brightly coloured vanilla buttercream, with a little pawprint on the side.


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Vanilla cupcakes with blue vanilla buttercream, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, and caramel cupcakes with caramel buttercream, all in different blue paper cups.
This assortment was for Kerry -who was a regular customer until they moved to KZN – and when they were in JHB this week they just had to have some more! 😀

Midrand cake artist, cupcakes, cakes and sugar art. Vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, caramel cupcakes.


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