Gimme Cheesecake!!!

Sebo ordered cheesecake cupcakes from me earlier this week and was so smitten with them she ordered two full size baked cheesecakes for this weekend! She asked that they be topped with chocolate ganache like the cupcakes are, and who am I to refuse!

traditional baked cheesecake

And then I baked one for me too (without the ganache)!

We had it for morning tea today and we added chopped strawberries, home-made chocolate mousse and whipped cream to ours!

A Birthday Cupcake Selection

Sebo ordered cupcakes again and went with a very tasty selection too!

There were red velvet cupcakes with purple marshmallow icing (leaving me with a tub full of left-over marshmallow icing to try not to eat)! There were cheesecake cupcakes topped with dark chocolate ganache, gluten free and delectable “Shirley Temple” cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes with creme caramel secret centres topped with custard buttercream (and here too I have a tub of icing leftover…)!

Cheesecake And Cupcakes!

Anneke ordered some goodies for the weekend- a┬átraditional baked cheesecake and “beehive” cupcakes!

This cheesecake has lemon and sultanas in and apparently is best served with chopped strawberries and orange segments.

traditional baked cheesecake

These “beehive” cupcakes have a slight honey flavour and are topped with a pale yellow marshmallow icing and little piped chocolate bees.

beehive cupcakes, honey flavour cupcakes, marshmallow icing