Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas day was celebrated at our house, so another batch of cupcakes were definitely in order! I baked a batch of vanilla cupcakes, and decorated them with what was supposed to be a red butter icing, but I didn’t add enough colouring.

I sprinkled them with Christmas themed sprinkles from Nicoletta- little Santas, snowflakes and Christmas trees, and added silver dragees for sparkle.

I did confuse people a little though, because I pulled the paper cups off before I served them to my guests!

Sibling Supper Christmas Cupcakes

I baked these for our annual Sibling Supper.

These are strawberry cupcakes- a vanilla base with fresh strawberry pulp baked in.

I iced them with white and pale green coloured cream cheese icing, coloured dragees, heart and star shaped sprinkles, and then using a tube of metallic blue icing made specially for writing with- I added a zig-zag line to look like tinsel.

The sprinkles, dragees and the icing writing tube are all from Nicoletta. Currently, this is the biggest and in my opinion the nicest range of cake decorating goodies that are easily available in supermarkets!

A Bloggirls Christmas

These were regular chocolate cupcakes, which I decorated with cream cheese icing and little fondant gift boxes.

The bloggirls logo was pink and black, so I made little pink “boxes” and covered them with glitter, then made little black bows to go on top of the boxes. These then went on top of the cupcakes.

They looked rather pretty when I was finished.


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