A Casino Themed Cake For Eric’s Suprise Party

Eric’s wife ordered this cake for his suprise 40th birthday party!

The two tiers of the cake are red velvet with cream cheese icing, covered with sugarpaste.
The square bottom cake is a poker table, decorated with sugarpaste poker chips and playing cards, with “ERIC” and “40″ in gold lettering on opposite sides of the cake.
I used edible printing to do the roulette wheel, the tops of the poker chips and the playing cards, and I sculpted the wooden roulette spinner and the ball out of sugarpaste.

I am really pleased with how this cake turned out.

red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, roulette wheel, poker table, playing cards, poker chips

Cindy & Paul’s Wedding Cake

…was a wedding cake with a difference!

The bottom tier was my delectable chocolate cake with a chocolate butter icing filling and a dark chocolate ganache coating, and the top tier was vanilla cake with white vanilla butter icing and a white chocolate ganache coating.

One side of the cake was covered with white sugarpaste, and the other side was covered with a dark blue sugarpaste and decorated with little silver dragees.


They got married at The Hertford last Saturday, and I asked that they please send me photographs of the cake at the reception, and… AND! Pictures of the cupcake-in-a-jar wedding favours they ordered for their guests because — and I could KICK myself — I didn’t take pictures before they were collected from me!
Picture it… glass jars with white lids, a dark blue ribbon and a white spoon with a little thank you message on a sticker on the lid (the sticker design and printing was done by Snapping Turtle Design & Print, as always).
The jars had three different cupcake fillings – chocolate and vanilla marble cupcakes with chocolate butter icing, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and lemon cream cheese cupcakes!

Wedding at Red Ivory

This purple velvet cake, covered in pale lilac sugarpaste and decorated with silver dragees and a small bunch of fresh white roses, was the top of a tower of purple velvet cupcakes.
The cupcakes were baked in silver paper cups and decorated with pale lilac and pale green vanilla butter icing, and some of them were topped with little white sugarpaste roses.

The wedding was on Saturday at Red Ivory in Hartebeespoort.

20130622_watermark_IMGP7382 20130622_watermark_IMGP7383

A Golf Bag Shaped Birthday Cake

This blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing and a white chocolate ganache cover was commissioned specially for Paul’s 30th birthday!

blue velvet cake, cream cheese icing, golf bag shaped novelty cake, custom made, sugar paste golf balls, sugar paste glove, sugar paste tee, sugar paste golf clubs

They specifically wanted a golf bag lying on the grass with the golf clubs sticking out the top and let me tell you, I had a BALL making this cake – excuse the pun!
Everything is hand made, by me, piece by piece. The cake is layers of blue velvet cake and cream cheese icing, with a “cake pop” mixture used to sculpt the rounded top of the bag, and everything is edible except the dowels inside the golf club handles!
And for an idea of size, the cake board is 50cm long!

20130608_IMGP7271_watermark blue velvet cake, cream cheese icing, golf bag shaped novelty cake, custom made, sugar paste golf balls, sugar paste glove, sugar paste tee, sugar paste golf clubs