Cupcake-In-A-Jar Wedding Favours For Salome And David

Salomé and David got married this weekend past, with multi-coloured, pastel polkadots as their colour scheme.
They ordered vanilla cupcake-in-a-jar wedding favours with pastel coloured ribbons, and as always I had the stickers on the jar’s lids designed and printed by Snapping Turtle.

cupcake-in-a-jar, wedding favours, pastel colours, vanilla, butter icing

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Cupcake-In-A-Jar Party Favours

Lorna and Belinda are celebrating their birthdays together this weekend, and to spoil their guests a little on their special day they ordered cupcake-in-a-jar party favours from me!
The chocolate cupcakes are filled with caramel, and the red velvet cupcakes are filled with cream cheese icing!

You have to love being given a gift when you attend a friend’s birthday party!

cupcake-in-a-jar, chocolate, red velvet, cream cheese icing, caramel, thank you stickers, party favours

Once again, the stickers were done for me by Snapping Turtle Graphic Design – the design and print. I ALWAYS get high quality stickers from Tanya at Snapping Turtle.

Candice And Rolan’s Cupcake-In-A-Jar Wedding Favours

Candice got hold of me in October last year to discuss her cupcake-in-a-jar wedding favours, and on Saturday morning I delivered her order to Valverde Country Hotel.
Candice provided me with the “thank you” stickers for the jars’ lids, the ribbons in pink and gold, the lace ribbons, and the disposable wooden forks.
Don’t they look exquisite?!

cupcake-in-a-jar, wedding favour, vanilla, lace ribbon