hALLOWeeeeeeeN bRaaaaaaINS…

The knucklehead was going to a Halloween party and asked if I would bake him some cupcakes to take with him.

I decided on a red velvet cupcake in a black paper cup, and then on the top I used a blob of strawberry jam, and covered it in white butter icing squiggles to make them look like brains. I then drizzled a bright red icing all over the completed “brain”!

Bunny Cupcakes

These are strawberry cupcakes in silver cups, iced with bright pink cream cheese icing and little pink fondant bunnies.

I was going to ice them with pink vanilla butter icing, but in my rush to get finished, my mixing jug slid off the kitchen counter, and about 3 litres of butter icing ended up on the floor when my jug shattered.

Now I need to replace this jug… 🙁


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