Its Ginger Time!

These were a bit of an experimental taste test… four of them are my divine vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, the four in the middle have crushed ginger biscuits baked into the batter, and the bottom four have a chunk of preserved ginger as a secret centre!



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I Have Good News and Bad News…

Well, sort of good news and bad news.

The good news part is this – if you have had my S’mores or creme brulee cuppies before you are officially a part of a very select group of people.

The bad news is that they will no longer be available to order from me.

They are simply too much work for too little money!

Existing orders will be honoured of course, but quotes will have to be changed.

Cupcakes For @JSinSA

I was very excited when I was contacted to do cupcakes for the JSinSA 2012 Conference!!

They ordered chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter icing and vanilla cupcakes with white vanilla butter icing for the conference delegates, topped with the HTML5 and CSS3 logos in edible print!

vanilla cupcakes, white vanilla butter icing, edible logo, JSinSA 2012 Conference

chocolate cupcakes, chocolate butter icing, edible logo, JSinSA 2012 Conference

They also asked if I would make two six-packs of uber decadent cupcakes to give away as lucky draw prizes, so I made two different cupcakes and packaged them in two batches of six. I filled the sixpacks with Oreo cupcakes and my own Strawberry Heaven cupcakes! I would love to know who got them and what they thought of their prizes!

NB! Custom made cupcake or cake toppers need to be ordered a minimum of 10 working days before delivery, although more time may be needed for large quantities. (view an album on Facebook)