Easter Cupcakes

I had no orders for Easter cupcakes, but we had a big family get together with a fondue and much laughter, and I had to take cupcakes with me of course!

I baked chocolate cupcakes in yellow and purple paper cups, and I topped half of them with chocolate butter icing, a Flake “nest” and chocolate mini eggs. I decorated the other half with white and yellow butter icing to look like the inside of a marshmallow egg and topped it with a Cadbury’s caramel filled chocolate egg!

They all went down a treat!

Easter Cupcakes

This weekend was blissfully quiet, so I baked for my family to celebrate Easter!

I baked my favourite chocolate recipe, in gold paper cups, and iced them with a white vanilla butter icing in a big swirl. I decorated some of the cupcakes with those speckled eggs, and in some of them I stuck in a stick with a sparkly polystyrene easter egg on the end of it.

For the others, I made chocolate butterflies!!