Spooky Cookies!

Halloween-themed iced cookies!!!
I tried a new cookie recipe, and decided to practise my cookie icing skills with royal icing. Since its Halloween soon, I decided to try some creepy, spooky design ideas!

My son has already called dibs on the jack-o-lantern cookie! ūüėõ

So what did I discover while practising…
First – I need a few more icing nozzles, like two or three in each size, OR, I need to perfect my piping-bag-folding skills (the disposable ones don’t have a nice round opening when you trim them).
Second – I have to plan ahead better! Copying a picture is absolutely possible, but you have to be sure where to start and how to finish since the royal icing dries as you work.
Third – I have to practise my technique and my icing consistency more. I am a little shaky, and my icing is often too thick to be easily used.
Last, but not least – I will have to do at least 6 of one design for orders! Doing all 22 of these cookies with a different design REALLY slowed me down – some kind of “assembly line” process is essential.

I had a lot of fun with them! What do you think?


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That Unicorn Cake!

I did a version of the #HighwayUnicornCake¬†by¬†The Scran Line for a friend’s birthday, without the macarons, topping the cake with extra-tall buttercream swirls instead.
The chocolate drips down the side are painted gold with an edible luster dust.

This cake was so much fun to do, but a LOT of work!

Filling the cake pans with the raw batter in four colours took ages, one teaspoon full at a time, and then slicing each of the four baked cakes in half to have eight layers of cake and icing inside.

The cake was then covered with blue, pink, and purple butter icing in two shades, and the bottom had some confetti as added decoration.


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Anyone For Some “Beater Testing”?

Why “beater testing”?

Well, apart from the play on words (as in “beta test”) – testing recipes its expensive, and my loved ones are a little biased when I ask them what they think! ūüėõ
This way, I get to work out exactly how long a new recipe will take, and how much it will cost, and I get unbiased feedback on whether a new recipe is a good one or not! ūüėÄ

I am planning on adding a range of sexy gourmet muffins to my repertoire, and I need FIVE people to test some new recipes for me!

For R108 (the cost of the ingredients) Рyou get a box of 12 gourmet muffins, in 6 different flavours:

Lemon crystal muffins
Banana walnut muffins
Jammy almond muffins
Pumpkin muffins
Cranberry orange muffins
Apple strudel muffins

Your test box must be collected from me on Saturday 15 July between 8am and 10am.
Then on Monday July 17th I will send you a few questions about your beater test to help me decide which flavours are a hit, and which are a miss!
If the date and time suits you – please contact me with your name and email address!


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Cookies from Cake!

I was craving cookies the other day, but I was also feeling a little lazy to bake them, so when I found a packet of chocolate muffin mix in my pantry, it was perfect timing!

If you have a box cake mix, or muffin mix, you can make delicious soft cookies by¬†mixing the dry powder with the eggs and oil as per the recipe – don’t add the milk or water in the instructions.¬†Roll balls from the dough, or spoon the mixture onto your cookie sheet and bake like you would regular cookies!



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Its Ginger Time!

These were a bit of an experimental taste test… four¬†of them are my divine¬†vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, the four in the middle have crushed ginger biscuits baked into the batter, and the bottom four have a chunk of preserved ginger as a secret centre!



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