Alexi Is Three!!

I hope Alexi enjoys his birthday party at school! These are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter icing and fondant decorations.

Alexi’s mommy asked me for a particular theme, but at the moment- with cupcakes being so popular- trademark infringements are rife, and companies are clamping down. I bought the pre-moulded shapes that the baking shop had left, but they can’t get them anymore. Gotta be careful people.

Pink And Pretty

These were ordered by pinkprincesse for her birthday celebrations!

She asked for pretty girly pink and white cupcakes, and I had a wonderful time. They’re vanilla cakes, with vanilla butter icing in shades of pink and white. There are bows and flowers and glitter, and half of them even have pretty pink flowery cups! And I just adore those big fondant roses.

Happy birthday pinkprincesse, I hope your celebrations are wonderful!

A Dinosaur Birthday

These were ordered for Josh, by his mommy Sharon.

He had a look at the pictures on my website and told his mommy he wanted the blue and white icing, with dinosaurs on! I opted for bright red, blue and yellow coloured paper cups, and then the little dinosaurs on top are also in primary colours.


And tell me honestly- how awesomely sexy are my new stickers for the boxes!??! I just love my logo- designed for me by Snapping Turtle– it looks incredible on stickers, on my business cards, and on the T-shirts I’ve had made to wear for deliveries and events!!

MeeA’s Prize!!

I had a caption competition on a blog a while ago, and MeeA submitted the winning caption for the photograph!
This was her prize!

There are chocolate cakes (in the yellow paper cups), with pink and white butter icing and a flake 🙂 There are chocolate secret-centre cakes with chocolate cutter icing on and tiny yellow fondant flowers. There are red velvet cupcakes with cream-cheese icing on them. There are also chocolate cupcakes with a crème-caramel secret-centre in purple cups, with a chocolate ganache-type icing sprinkled with nuts.