I Have Good News and Bad News…

Well, sort of good news and bad news.

The good news part is this – if you have had my S’mores or creme brulee cuppies before you are officially a part of a very select group of people.

The bad news is that they will no longer be available to order from me.

They are simply too much work for too little money!

Existing orders will be honoured of course, but quotes will have to be changed.

Sheesh… What A Week!

It actually started out really well…

Last week my website host moved me to my own, bigger, faster server. It seems that with all of you popping over here every day, the other websites they host were battling to keep up since my website was hogging all the bandwidth!
Hopefully this will put an end to the access hassles I’ve had in the last 6 months or so, with my site being frequently unavailable.

Unfortunately, the move cancelled my email access to the POP3 server I was using, so I wasn’t receiving all the emails that were being sent to me. For almost a week!
I really hope it was a quiet week because I would hate for anyone to think I was ignoring them… Its fixed now, thank goodness.

Then last Saturday our house was broken into while we were out.
They took all our laptops (my husband’s work machine as well as our old machines), a phone, my jewellery box, my husband’s casual clothes AND… and this absolutely breaks my heart… all three of our back up hard drives.
What that means is that all my original photos for the last 5 years as well as all my business admin is gone. If I hadn’t uploaded it to Facebook or my blog, its gone. The invoices and quotes are mostly still in my email archives, but my costing, expenditure and income spreadsheets are gone.
Its going to take me a while to get my admin sorted out again, so PLEASE let me know if you have emailed me in the last couple of weeks and I didn’t reply. I always reply to an email within 24 hours, even if its just a message to say I saw your email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter, whether you celebrate it or just enjoy a long weekend off.

I’ll Be On Holiday!

I hope you will be too!

This year I will be closing up shop from

Sunday December 15th


January 5th 2014

Any and all queries and emails received in that time will get an auto-reply, and responded to in detail from January 6th 2014.

What Would You Do With Lids From @Consol_Glass!?

I buy all my cupcake-in-a-jar bottles directly from Consol Glass.

There are 24 bottles in a box, and they come with gold lids. Sometimes though, for special events, a gold lid doesn’t fit the colour scheme or the occasion. Consol has white lids for the jars, but you have to buy them separately. You can’t buy the jars with white lids unless you order thousands of them.
I can’t do that.
I bought the first “batch” of white lids that I needed a couple of years ago, and after that I would take the gold lids back to Consol when I bought more jars and simply swop them for white ones. I took my receipts with me to prove I had bought the jars there in the first place, and I would count them and they would count them – easy peasy.
When I went today and bought another six boxes of jars (with gold lids), I took a bag of about 90 gold lids to swop for white ones, and to buy more white lids as I needed quite a few… But today they refused to exchange them for me.
They’ve decided they should never have been exchanged for me at all.


So I went and bought more white lids so that I would have enough for my order, and now I have 230-odd gold lids that I can’t use…


Any suggestions?

Check out my price lists here:
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I Went To The @MommyMatters #LibertyMompreneurs Networking Breakfast!

In September, the first  Mommy Matters “Mompreneurs Networking Breakfast” was held in Johannesburg, but I couldn’t make it and I was determined to get to the next one. When I got an email from Liberty inviting me to attend the October event with them (they’re now sponsoring the breakfasts) I replied with an instant “YES!!!”

It was a fabulous morning indeed and I got to meet some great mompreneurs!

The way the breakfast works is that you introduce yourself and your business to the women in attendance, so if you are planning to go to one make sure you have a one minute introduction prepared. You can also take a sample of your product or service as a lucky-draw prize, which happens after the presentation by means of pulling business cards out of a “hat”!


After the intros the breakfast is served- we were at Grand Central Cafe at Melrose Arch- and whilst you’re eating you can network with the other women in attendance, so they suggest you make notes about who you would like to speak to on the list of attendees you are given. Its a really fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with fellow mompreneurs and create an impression face-to-face. It gets you far further in building a business relationship than an email or a phone call would.

After breakfast, there’s a presentation by a mompreneur who shares her story and her journey, and we were lucky to be able to hear Lauren de Swardt speak. Lauren started Kids Emporium at the age of 21, added Maddy Magoo to her list of businesses, and she now has a consulting agency as well. Kids Emporium has grown to 16 franchise branches in ten years and exceeded her own goals, let alone the nay-sayers she had to listen to when she pitched her idea. Lauren’s talk was about balancing work and family, making time for yourself, your partner and your children. She was great to listen to and gave us quite a few things to think about and remember. As women we already take on more because we feel like we have to prove a point, and we end up taking on too much and not coping. She said you don’t need to be afraid to drop a ball occasionally- they can usually be picked up again. You have to MAKE time for yourself, for your partner and for your children. Its usually to make our lives better than we become mompreneurs, and our lives with them shouldn’t suffer once we take the plunge to be self employed. We also need to learn to ask for help, learn to plan ahead, and be proud of our achievements!

It was certainly food for thought and I think the next breakfast should definitely be on my to-do list.

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