Candice And Rolan’s Cupcake-In-A-Jar Wedding Favours

Candice got hold of me in October last year to discuss her cupcake-in-a-jar wedding favours, and on Saturday morning I delivered her order to Valverde Country Hotel.
Candice provided me with the “thank you” stickers for the jars’ lids, the ribbons in pink and gold, the lace ribbons, and the disposable wooden forks.
Don’t they look exquisite?!

cupcake-in-a-jar, wedding favour, vanilla, lace ribbon

Jodi’s Birthday Cupcakes

Jodi ordered vanilla cupcakes with white vanilla butter icing and opted for my cupcake-in-a-jar! How beautiful do these cupcakes look in their jars with white lids, white spoons and white ribbons!

vanilla cupcakes cupcake-in-a-jar all white

Jodi also ordered peanut butter cups! And if you haven’t tasted the delectable combination of chocolate and peanut butter you do not know what you’re missing!

peanut butter cups

A Cupcake Birthday Party

Sebolelo ordered cupcakes from me earlier last week for her daughter to take to school for her 12th birthday.

On the weekend, she had a birthday party with family and friends and Sebolelo really wanted her to be able to have a cupcake party. Since my weekend was fully booked already I couldn’t host the party for her, but I supplied piping bags with butter icing in them, sprinkles, flowers, sugar paste teddies and a box of 6 cupcakes for each child!

Sebolelo also ordered a red velvet cake, chocolate hi-hat cupcakes, red velvet and vanilla marble cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes with creme caramel secret centres!

red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, purple sugarpaste flowers and pearls

chocolate hi-hat cupcakes, purple marshmallow icing covered in chocolate

vanilla cupcakes, creme caramel secret centres, purple and white vanilla butter icing

red velvet and vanilla marble cupcakes, cream cheese icing

cupcake party boxes all packed for each child

*the window boxes are available on special request and will cost an extra R20 per order of 12 cupcakes