Wedding at Red Ivory

This purple velvet cake, covered in pale lilac sugarpaste and decorated with silver dragees and a small bunch of fresh white roses, was the top of a tower of purple velvet cupcakes.
The cupcakes were baked in silver paper cups and decorated with pale lilac and pale green vanilla butter icing, and some of them were topped with little white sugarpaste roses.

The wedding was on Saturday at Red Ivory in Hartebeespoort.

20130622_watermark_IMGP7382 20130622_watermark_IMGP7383

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Three Tiers For A Sweet Sixteenth!

I was very pleased with how this cake turned out!

Shamala ordered velvet cupcakes in 6 different colours for her daughter’s sweet sixteenth birthday party, and a while later she ordered this beautiful three tiered, square cake. Shamala’s daughter specified a cerise, orange, turquoise, violet and lime green colour scheme and I started forming ideas in my head weeks ago!

The first and second tier is chocolate cake and the top tier is purple velvet cake.
The first tier is covered in cerise sugarpaste and decorated with a paisley pattern in sugarpaste – each item made by me!
The second tier is covered in lime green sugarpaste and accented simply with an orange ribbon and a big bow.
The top tier is covered in turquoise sugarpaste and decorated with stripes in colours to compliment the first two tiers, and its topped with a “16” in violet sugarpaste.

three tier cake, sweet sixteen, sugarpaste cover, orange, turquoise, cerise, green, violetDon’t you just LOVE the colours!? Its so girly and so fun and so vibrant!

Nicolene And Gavin’s Wedding Cupcakes

Yesterday I delivered a purple velvet cake and cupcakes to Moon & Sixpence for a wedding!

handmade sugarpaste bees

handmade sugarpaste ladybugs

The purple velvet cake was filled and covered with my delectable cream cheese icing, and decorated with white chocolate scrolls and little handmade sugarpaste bugs!

purple velvet cake, cream cheese icing, handmade sugarpaste bugs, white chocolate scrolls, insects

The cupcakes, all in purple paper cups, were also topped with cream cheese icing and decorated with little handmade sugarpaste bugs.

purple velvet cupcakes, cream cheese icing, handmade sugarpaste bugs, insects

And there were twelve special purple velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing (and no bugs) baked with my newly perfected egg-free velvet recipe!

egg free purple velvet cupcakes, cream cheese icing

Nicolene also provided little white boxes for her guests to be able to take a cupcake home with them!