Here Be Dragons!

I have done a few cakes for Theuns’s birthday celebrations,
and this year he wanted a black dragon with red eyes!
I absolutely LOVE dragons, and I have done several dragon-themed cakes over the years,
but this was the first one covered in scales!

I am super thrilled with how it turned out – especially since it took a whopping
ELEVEN HOURS to cover and decorate (not including baking and sculpting it)!

Inside its layers of my delectable chocolate cake and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate butter icing,
and the board is covered with gold painted sugar paste discs.
I added a few pearls and little white sugar bones to make it look more like a dragon’s hoard!

Minette was thrilled with the cake too, and happy customers is exactly why I love my job!


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Hulk! Smash!

This green vanilla cake, filled with cream cheese icing, was made as a gift for my nephew’s 7th birthday party!
He had a superhero party, so I made it to look like Hulk’s fist smashing through the ground!
My nephew was thrilled with it!

Midrand cake artist - cupcakes, cakes, and sugar art. This cake is not available for orders.

NB! This cake is not available for orders as I cannot sell themes subject to copyright.

The Book of Charms and Spells

This is several layers of chocolate cake and chocolate butter icing!

The birthday girl wanted a magic book and a wand for her 11th celebration,
so I did a big book titled “The Book of Charms and Spells
with her name as the author of the tome!


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This little boy loves snakes and reptiles, and he asked for a red cobra,
with fangs and eggs, for his birthday cake!

This is my favourite kind of cake to do!
I don’t get to do a lot of them ‘coz they are expensive, and this one is HUGE!!
The head is sculpted sugar paste, the raised neck is Rice Krispy Treats,
and the body is chocolate cake, with sugar paste eggs.
All handmade by ME!


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