A Gift

A friend of mine recently had a baby boy, and because of all sorts of wedding things and various events I was unable to attend her baby shower.

When I went to visit to meet the little man, I took her this little gift of six. Two with caramel secret centres, two with strawberry secret centres and two plain chocolate cupcakes topped with all sorts of pretty decorations.

My Sister’s Surprise 30th Birthday Party

My youngest sister turned 30 on June 1st, and her other half and almost step daughter had been planning a surprise birthday party for well over a month. We spent the day keeping her away from the house so they could prepare, and I bakes these for her for the party.

I went with a pink and black colour scheme that she had mentioned she liked, and baked chocolate cakes with malted honeycomb secret-centres in silver cups topped with pink icing, pink glitter and black fondant flowers. I did vanilla cakes with caramel secret-centres, also with pink butter icing and topped with black fondant roses, pink and silver glitter and a little pink sugar. In black cups I made strawberry cupcakes and topped them with cream cheese icing, black fondant flowers, tiny silver dragees and a little pink sugar.

Happy birthday Candy! I hope it was a surprise!




Vanilla Sample Boxes

This week, I had vanilla sample boxes available. I sold 11 of these for R40 each, and when I put the offer out there I had no idea what I was actually going to do with them!

I ended up with several “regular” cupcakes, just cake and icing and sprinkles, several “decadent” cupcakes and a few luxury cupcakes too!