Baby Sneakers on a Cake

I loved doing this two-tiered cake with its gorgeous red, grey, light blue, and white colour scheme! Its very striking!

The bottom tier is a vanilla and chocolate marble cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in light blue sugar paste with a light grey chevron pattern, and the board is decorated with sugar paste baby blocks.

The top tier is vanilla cake with a lemon buttercream, covered in white sugar paste and decorated sugar paste dots in red, light grey, and light blue.

The little baby sneakers on the cake topper are hand made, by me, in sugar paste and they have their own little board so they can be taken off the cake.

There were also chocolate cupcakes with light blue vanilla buttercream, and strawberry cheesecake cupcakes in red paper cups, with a strawberry cream cheese icing.


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I love how this Hawaii-themed cake turned out!
The chocolate birthday cake is filled with strawberry buttercream, covered with blue ombre sugar paste “waves”, and decorated with handmade sugar paste decorations.
I don’t get to make sugar flowers very often, and I battled a bit with the Hibiscus flowers, but I am quite pleased with the finished ones. Then there are pink and white Frangipani flowers, seashells, and flip flops.


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A Bear For Erin <3

This is my niece’s first birthday cake, inspired by her godmother’s love of the Care Bears! 😀


Inside are strawberry and vanilla swirled layers filled with cream cheese icing.


I only realised after I looked at the pictures that the “1” balloon is back-to-front! 😛



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Juanita’s Cupcake Assortment

Juanita ordered a delicious assortment for a birthday celebration and came to fetch them from me.

She went home with strawberry daiquiri cupcakes (or cuptails 😀 ), Oreo cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with Oreos in the bottom and dark chocolate-covered vanilla butter icing) and lemon meringue cupcakes… which I forgot to photograph!

strawberry daiquiri cupcakes, cuptails chocolate cupcakes with an oreo in the bottom and chocolate covered white vanilla butter icing


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