Auctioned for R110

During the Nerdies Auction earlier this year, two batches of my cupcakes were put up for auction. All the money went to Wet Nose so it was all for a good cause as well as a lot of fun!

Jeanette had the “winning” bid on a batch of vanilla-strawberry cupcakes with scream cheese icing, and she finally had a chance to order them from me last week. I put them in red paper cups and sprinkled red sugar on top of the cream cheese.

They’re immensely popular and very yummy.

Jeanette blogged about them here: Eating Angel’s Cupcakes!

Ooh- you can read another short post about these cupcakes here!!

Tarte Tatin!

AKA Upside Down Apple Tart!


These were ordered by Rozz for the Valentines weekend. They’re a vanilla base, with a little apple in it, topped with glazed apple (which is just so divine) and then drizzled with a home made caramel sauce!

They don’t look exactly like they do in the recipe book- they never do- but they are very yummy indeed.