Triple Treat Time!!

For R50, you can have yourself a mouthgasm consisting of the following:

one Vanilla Cherry cupcake with cream cheese icing

one Chocolate cupcake with my trademark Soft Serve icing

one Coffee cupcake with a koeksister secret centre and chocolate butter icing

If you’d like one, let me know, and you can pick them up on Saturday morning!

Triple Treat Time

Thassaright! The sample boxes have a new name. Thank you for all the suggestions I got- “Triple Treat” is a bit of a combination of several ideas!

These Triple Treats will be available next week- so consider this an advance warning :)!!

I have several ideas in mind, so I dunno yet whats going to be in them… They’ll be R50 each, so feel free to place an order via the contact form, or via email- which you can also find on the contact form 😉

You can see examples of previous “Triple Treat” boxes by clicking here.