Vanilla Sample Boxes

This week, I had vanilla sample boxes available. I sold 11 of these for R40 each, and when I put the offer out there I had no idea what I was actually going to do with them!

I ended up with several “regular” cupcakes, just cake and icing and sprinkles, several “decadent” cupcakes and a few luxury cupcakes too!


Our Engagement Shoot Cupcakes!!

I baked cupcakes for our engagement shoot in January. I actually kept a few cupcakes from several batches I’d baked through the week- so they weren’t all terribly fresh… I then iced all the extras I’d kept so they’d be pretty in the photographs.

I forgot to photograph them, so these are photographs by the always fantastic Jeanette Verster!!

Sample Boxes!!

This was a first for me!

Someone who has already ordered cupcakes from me mentioned them to her SIL, who asked to buy a selection to taste. Now, a box of different cupcakes is tricky to do since I don’t mix batter for only one or two cupcakes… So, I decided that since I was baking chocolate cupcakes tonight already, I’d do a selection of different chocolate cupcakes for her. This is what I came up with.

Tarte Tatin!

AKA Upside Down Apple Tart!


These were ordered by Rozz for the Valentines weekend. They’re a vanilla base, with a little apple in it, topped with glazed apple (which is just so divine) and then drizzled with a home made caramel sauce!

They don’t look exactly like they do in the recipe book- they never do- but they are very yummy indeed.