A Dude’s Birthday

These were ordered for a guy’s birthday. He’s a Twitter user, so the fact that his ID fitted perfectly on 12 cupcakes made the order ideal!

I baked chocolate cupcakes in black paper cups, and then- after slicing off a little bit of the top to make them flat- I covered them with a thick layer of chocolate fudge icing. Doing one letter at a time, I wrote his Twitter name onto the cupcakes using cream cheese icing.

A Christmas Order

These were ordered by someone who has had lots of my cupcakes, and these are her favourites!

They’re the strawberry cupcakes- the ones with fresh strawberry pulp in them- topped with cream cheese icing, moulded fondant Christmas themed decorations and gold dragees.

They survived a car trip to Durban after being refrigerated overnight, and once there her brothers were doing everything in their power to take them off each other!

Some feedback from Sheena on her order: “I’ve been a long-time fan of Angel’s cupcakes and whenever I can, I indulge! I’ve never tasted a bad cup-cake and in December I decided to show the rest of my family what I was always harping on about by taking a batch down with me to Durban.  The cupcakes survived a 7 hour drive, and my brothers took to betting, bribing and trading each other for cup cakes.  I don’t think they lasted 24 hours with them around.  Strawberry cheesecake flavour is my absolute best, and I say so whenever recommending Angel’s cupcakes to my friends.


Baby Shower Cupcakes

I baked these for a friend’s baby shower, and took them with me when I went to Cape Town for the party!

To make sure they survived the trip, I baked “plain” chocolate cupcakes in silver cups, and then decorated them with blue and white two-tone butter icing, and moulded fondant baby shower themed decorations.

My Birthday Cupcakes

I was expecting a lot of guests for my birthday party, so I figured 3 different batches would do for everyone to have a taste. I had also just acquired a cupcake stand, so I wanted them to look pretty and colourful as well.

I love berries, so there was no doubt that I would have berries in and on at least some of my birthday cupcakes… eventually I chose two secret-centre chocolate recipes, and instead of my favourite strawberry cupcakes I did blueberry instead! I topped the blueberry cupcakes- in sliver cups- with a purple butter icing, 3 fresh blueberries and silver dragees. I just love the sour berries and the sweet icing and cake combination.

I then baked chocolate cupcakes with a whole strawberry inside- the secret centre- in black cups. I iced them with strawberry flavoured, butter icing that I coloured almost red, a fresh raspberry and confetti sprinkles with edible glitter (‘coz I do love all things shiny).

The other chocolate cupcakes had a crème-caramel secret centre, and I baked them in gold cups. I iced them with an uber-rich chocolate fudge icing, hundreds and thousands and a little moulded fondant cupcake! As an added surprise, there was a little blob of caramel underneath the chocolate icing!