My Mommy Darling Had A Birthday

I baked red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and a fresh raspberry topping…

This isn’t my usual red velvet recipe though… that one was printed out on a piece of paper and its gone missing!!

And I baked malted honeycomb secret-centre chocolate cupcakes in special heart covered paper cups! I iced them with a chocolate icing, little silver dragees and little red fondant hearts.

Auctioned for R110

During the Nerdies Auction earlier this year, two batches of my cupcakes were put up for auction. All the money went to Wet Nose so it was all for a good cause as well as a lot of fun!

Jeanette had the “winning” bid on a batch of vanilla-strawberry cupcakes with scream cheese icing, and she finally had a chance to order them from me last week. I put them in red paper cups and sprinkled red sugar on top of the cream cheese.

They’re immensely popular and very yummy.

Jeanette blogged about them here: Eating Angel’s Cupcakes!

Ooh- you can read another short post about these cupcakes here!!

Chocolate and Marbles

These are a mission to make, but they are just so pretty!

These I iced with a type of chocolate ganache, and I decorated them with yellow vermicelli in honour of my brother’s birthday (yellow is his favourite colour).

These are iced with chocolate butter icing, and I topped them with chocolate covered malt biscuit and chocolate covered caramel balls!

Then I experimented with some secret-centres and found that the big chocolate covered malt biscuit balls make perfect fillers!!!

Happy 21st!

These were ordered for a 21st birthday party by the birthday girl’s mommy darling.

They are chocolate creme-caramel secret-centre, and vanilla creme-caramel secret-centre cupcakes in silver cups, topped with purple butter icing, a silver glitter dusted black fondant “21” and silver dragees.

I do hope she enjoyed them, I dropped them at the restaurant where the party was being held so I didn’t meet the birthday girl.

Birthday and Bridal Shower

Seema ordered these from me for a bridal shower- with a purple and white theme- and a birthday celebration.

There’s a box of chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes in white cups, topped with purple and white two-tone butter icing and fondant knickers, bras and shoes.

There are six chocolate strawberry-stuffed secret-centre cupcakes topped with chocolate icing and chocolate vermicelli, and six strawberry cheesecake secret-centre cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries.