Our Engagement Shoot Cupcakes!!

I baked cupcakes for our engagement shoot in January. I actually kept a few cupcakes from several batches I’d baked through the week- so they weren’t all terribly fresh… I then iced all the extras I’d kept so they’d be pretty in the photographs.

I forgot to photograph them, so these are photographs by the always fantastic Jeanette Verster!!

Sample Boxes!!

This was a first for me!

Someone who has already ordered cupcakes from me mentioned them to her SIL, who asked to buy a selection to taste. Now, a box of different cupcakes is tricky to do since I don’t mix batter for only one or two cupcakes… So, I decided that since I was baking chocolate cupcakes tonight already, I’d do a selection of different chocolate cupcakes for her. This is what I came up with.

Tarte Tatin!

AKA Upside Down Apple Tart!


These were ordered by Rozz for the Valentines weekend. They’re a vanilla base, with a little apple in it, topped with glazed apple (which is just so divine) and then drizzled with a home made caramel sauce!

They don’t look exactly like they do in the recipe book- they never do- but they are very yummy indeed.

Make Valentines Day Extra Special

Make Valentines Day extra special by spoiling the one you love with some handmade sweetness! 

Like a lot of people out there- I used to loathe Valentines Day. With a passion. I wouldn’t mention it to anyone and I dressed all in black to boycott the day… The only person who got any love was my son, with the cards and gifts he made for me at school.
Since I got completely swept off my feet by my darling fiancé however, I now celebrate Valentines Day in all its clichéd romance and glory! 

Since my cupcakes have grown so much in popularity, this year I’m even offering something special for this international day of making money “romanticness” – you can get 4 cupcakes, in a box, for R60 and I’ll even tie a ribbon around it!! 

Two of them will be my favourite secret-centre strawberry stuffed chocolate cupcakes, iced with uber decadent chocolate fudge icing and decorated with heart-shaped “sprinkles”. 

The other two are vanilla, secret-centre, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes- decorated with cream cheese icing and heart shaped “sprinkles”! 

I can also do just chocolate and vanilla if you’re not into strawberries… 

Sadly, although I wish I could, I can’t send them all over the country- but if you’re in Joburg or Pretoria you should be able to pamper yourself, or spoil a loved one with something mouth-wateringly indulgent! 

Email angel41222 at gmail dot com by February 4th at the latest and I’ll reply with my banking details. 

Payments must be made by February 7th and all paid orders can then be collected from me on Friday February 12th, or Saturday 13th. 

Here is some feedback from someone who ate these: The Daily Turtle