My Godson’s Birthday Cupcakes

My godson Marke turned 17 yesterday, and we had cake and tea tonight to celebrate.

I baked him vanilla cupcakes in red paper cups, then iced them with chocolate icing, then sprinkled them with chocolate vermicelli and hundreds-and-thousands!

Auctioned For R471.74!!!

Nerdmag held the “Nerdies” competition again this year, and a part of it is an auction where people bid on something or some service that another online personality can provide- with the money going to charity. This year’s charity was Wet Nose, and two of the items that were claimed for auction were batches of my cupcakes!!!

This batch of chocolate cupcakes with creme-caramel secret centres and chocolate-fudge icing were bid on furiously and I was very impressed by the demand on them!

Talita’s Order

Having tasted my cupcakes before, Talita couldn’t resist ordering them again when a birthday needed celebrating.

teehee… blowing my own horn a little

She ordered vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing- which I decorated with red and white sprinkles, and strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing, which I topped with a whole red glacé cherry.