hALLOWeeeeeeeN bRaaaaaaINS…

The knucklehead was going to a Halloween party and asked if I would bake him some cupcakes to take with him.

I decided on a red velvet cupcake in a black paper cup, and then on the top I used a blob of strawberry jam, and covered it in white butter icing squiggles to make them look like brains. I then drizzled a bright red icing all over the completed “brain”!

Kerri’s Birthday Cupcakes

These are strawberry cupcakes in silver cups, iced with bright pink cream cheese icing and little pink fondant bunnies- for Kerri’s nickname.

I was going to ice them with pink vanilla butter icing, but in my rush to get finished, my mixing jug slid off the kitchen counter, and about 3 litres of butter icing ended up on the floor when my jug shattered.

I need to replace this jug…

Burger Cupcakes

I attempted to bake cupcakes that look like little burgers for my nephew Nathan’s 5th birthday party.

New cupcakes ideas don’t always look like I want them to look on the first attempt though…

First I baked plan vanilla cupcakes with sesame seeds on top to represent the burger bun, and then I baked chocolate cupcakes that were to become the “burger patty”. Unfortunately I bumped one of the switches on the oven and burnt the tops of the chocolate ones – rendering them unusable for the “patties” – but I could use the bottom halves…

While they cooled, I made a white butter icing and then I thinly sliced some green glace cherries to represent pickles.
Then I cut the vanilla ones in half, and cut the bottoms off the chocolate ones. Using a blob of strawberry jam, I stuck the bottoms of the chocolate ones to the bottoms of the vanilla ones.

I divided the finished white icing in half, and coloured one lot with yellow and one lot with red… though I have yet to master the art of red icing! I always get a pinkish colour o.O !
Thanx to tips in my baking books, I have found the easiest way to fill a piping bag is to put it into a tall glass, folding the edges over the cup, and then spoon the icing into the bag. Then you just twist it shut and squeeze!

I then piped yellow icing onto one half of the chocolate part of the cupcake, topped it with a few “pickle slices” (the cherries), and then piped on the “red” icing, after filling the piping bag the same way.
Then I topped it with the other half of the vanilla cupcakes.

Margarita Cupcakes!!

These are margarita cupcakes.
Yes, I said margarita. With tequila and all- in the cake and in the frosting!
They’re decorated with a tequila-icing glaze, a little wedge of lime and some salt flakes!!

They were a HUGE hit and I’ll definitely be doing them again some time!