Spooky Cookies!

Halloween-themed iced cookies!!!
I tried a new cookie recipe, and decided to practise my cookie icing skills with royal icing. Since its Halloween soon, I decided to try some creepy, spooky design ideas!

My son has already called dibs on the jack-o-lantern cookie! 😛

So what did I discover while practising…
First – I need a few more icing nozzles, like two or three in each size, OR, I need to perfect my piping-bag-folding skills (the disposable ones don’t have a nice round opening when you trim them).
Second – I have to plan ahead better! Copying a picture is absolutely possible, but you have to be sure where to start and how to finish since the royal icing dries as you work.
Third – I have to practise my technique and my icing consistency more. I am a little shaky, and my icing is often too thick to be easily used.
Last, but not least – I will have to do at least 6 of one design for orders! Doing all 22 of these cookies with a different design REALLY slowed me down – some kind of “assembly line” process is essential.

I had a lot of fun with them! What do you think?


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Wedding “Cake” Topper

This couple didn’t have a wedding cake as such – they had cheese instead! How cool is that!
To decorate it, they ordered this custom-made sugar piece with the couple in their wedding clothes, and their beloved Dachsunds at their feet.

They also wanted to include their hobbies – the bride loves to bake and the groom loves to fly fish.


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I Have a Bit of a Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth, but not a sweet tooth for everything – if that makes sense? I would rather eat a cookie than a cupcake or a slice or cake, and I love caramel and toffee, and jelly sweets.

A while ago I saw a video on Facebook for something called a Brigadeiro – a Brazilian treat made with butter and condensed milk, and I just had to try it! Its exactly the kind of sweet treat I love!
The classic Brigadeiro is a chocolate sweet, and its a long slow cooking process to get it to the right consistency. I wanted these to at least last the weekend 😛 so I made little dark chocolate and white chocolate “cups” to put the truffles into.

The chocolate ones were amazing! A rich, dark chocolate truffle!

There was also a strawberry recipe, but I didn’t have any strawberries so I went with blueberry, and they were so yummy!

There are also recipes for other flavours – a cookies and cream one, and a coconut one!


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