Anyone For Some “Beater Testing”?

Why “beater testing”?

Well, apart from the play on words (as in “beta test”) – testing recipes its expensive, and my loved ones are a little biased when I ask them what they think! 😛
This way, I get to work out exactly how long a new recipe will take, and how much it will cost, and I get unbiased feedback on whether a new recipe is a good one or not! 😀

I am planning on adding a range of sexy gourmet muffins to my repertoire, and I need FIVE people to test some new recipes for me!

For R108 (the cost of the ingredients) – you get a box of 12 gourmet muffins, in 6 different flavours:

Lemon crystal muffins
Banana walnut muffins
Jammy almond muffins
Pumpkin muffins
Cranberry orange muffins
Apple strudel muffins

Your test box must be collected from me on Saturday 15 July between 8am and 10am.
Then on Monday July 17th I will send you a few questions about your beater test to help me decide which flavours are a hit, and which are a miss!
If the date and time suits you – please contact me with your name and email address!


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I have done a few of Layla’s birthday cakes and cupcakes, and this year she wanted a Minecraft-themed party.
As I don’t replicate copyrighted themes, I did the cubes with a mosaic-style decoration on the sides in the colours on her invitation. 😀

These two vanilla cakes are HUGE! The top one is a 15cm cube and the bottom one a 20cm cube – and each one is six or seven layers of cake and icing inside! Cake for DAAAYS! 😀


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This two-tiered cake was for Amelie and Tenike’s birthday celebrations.

The bottom tier is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and a pink and red, ombre buttercream cover, and the top tier is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, covered with yellow sugar paste and orange shading. Its decorated with vines, leaves and flowers.

The cake topper is handmade by me, two lion cubs, one sporting pink hair and a bow, and a smaller one with a bow, representing the two birthday girls.


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