A Christening Gift For Carli

Our new niece is being christened tomorrow, and I baked cupcakes as a gift for the lunch after the service.

They’re a mixture of chocolate with crème caramel secret-centres, vanilla and red velvet cakes in different cups. The icing is all butter icing and I experimented a bit with colours just ‘coz  could. The one that looks like red is actually 3 different colours together, and I rather like how they turned out. I’ll be experimenting with other colours too, and we all know how I love the two-tone icing! The decorations are fondant.


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4 Responses to A Christening Gift For Carli

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  2. Lou says:

    I am so ordering the pastels and blueberrys for the next silver saturday!

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  4. Tanya says:

    those transporting boxes are FABULOUS!! wow