Charmain and Brandon’s Wedding Cupcakes

Charmain contacted me a couple of weeks before her wedding after she had a bit of a cupcake crisis!

Their wedding colour was turquoise and she had seen cupcakes on the web with a bright blue cherry on them. She wanted the same for her wedding but unfortunately the cherries in the pictures she found are not available in SA.

I experimented with a few things to make the cherries blue… to no avail. In the end, after agreeing it with Charmain, I contacted Dilene at Salon de Culinaire, and she made 120 chocolate truffles and dipped them in turquoise ganache. I then topped Charmain’s chocolate cupcakes and carrot cupcakes with white butter icing, a turquoise truffle and a little fondant leaf.

Charmain supplied the black cupcake collars.

Salon de Culinaire also made a carrot cake covered in white fondant and decorated with a turquoise fondant ribbon for Charmain’s novelty cake topper!

You can see more pictures of their wedding as well as the cupcakes on Jeanette Verster Photography.


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