Tips and Tricks #13

My hubby was very impressed with me the other day when he was watching me prepare a springform pan for a cake. I don’t remember where I learned this but for many years now, this is how I have been lining a round baking pan.

grease your pan well, I use cook-n-bake spray and a liberal spread of margarine or butter

tear off a sheet of wax paper that covers the whole top of your pan, it needn’t be much bigger

fold the sheet in half with the shinier, smoother side of the wax paper on the inside, then fold it in half again (on the fold) to make it more or less square

forming a point on the corner of the fold, fold it again diagonally

you can add another fold if you like, so it looks like this

now level off the top open side- it doesn’t have to be perfectly round, and this step isn’t essential, I just like it tidy 😉

open it up- it’ll be roughly circular and bigger than the inside of your pan (feel free to spray and cook or grease the shiny side if you want to)

keeping the inside shiny side up, press it into your baking pan

(FYI the pan in my picture is NOT greased) you will be able to smooth the paper against the greased sides and base of the pan to make it as smooth as possible

You can now pour in the batter you want to bake into a cake and bake as you usually would. When your cake is baked, let it cool for a few minutes inside your baking pan before you turn it out. Pull the wax paper off the cake very gently so as not to pull the cake apart. You shouldn’t battle to do so and you will be left with a remarkably easy to clean- and longer lasting- baking pan, and one that you can use again almost immediately should you need to do so!

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  1. Tanya says:

    used this tip this weekend… worked like a charm! Thank you!! 🙂