Lilac Cupcake-In-A-Jar

These were ordered by Justine to serve as her wedding favours and I delivered them to Oakfield Farm this morning.

Here are the jars, with their ribbons and spoons tied on, ready and waiting to be filled with vanilla delicacies!

In these jars, I put vanilla cupcakes layered with white vanilla butter icing, topped with a little lilac glitter and a moulded lilac sugar paste rose.

I then closed the jars with white lids, which had a little thank you sticker on them.

Don’t they look pretty?!

cupcake-in-a-jar, lilac roses, bonbonnieres, wedding favours, vanilla cupcakes

The stickers on the jar lids were provided by Snapping Turtle Design.


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One Response to Lilac Cupcake-In-A-Jar

  1. Joanne says:

    I take it these are not the type of cakes actually baked into the jars but inserted instead? You can bake cakes straight into jars & they will last longer (un-iced obviously).