I Was #Caking Today!

Today is #WorldBakingDay! I only found out about it yesterday but I was keen to take part!

How it works is this:

  1. Bake A Cake
  2. Put it somewhere crazy
  3. Photograph it and hashtag it with #caking on Twitter!

I baked a red velvet cake, filled the three layers with chocolate cream cheese icing and then covered it with a bright purple vanilla butter icing, sprinkled it with glitter (which I never leave out) and some little moulded sugarpaste butterflies.

I dunno what people thought seeing me walking around our complex and in the street with a purple cake on a glass stand, never mind me sitting flat on the grass and the paving and such to photograph it!

I found a few locations but I thought I’d show you my favourite three photographs today from my little project!


And then I had to do one with my puppy Volt! He’s a Guide-Dog-in-training and here he is helping me with some “extreme #caking” by demonstrating his “stay” and “leave it” training!


And here, for your visual enjoyment, is the inside of the cake!

red velvet cake, chocolate cream cheese filling, purple vanilla butter icing

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2 Responses to I Was #Caking Today!

  1. Cute #caking photos! Lovely cake too! 🙂

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