“Beater Test” Results

Well, my results of the beta tests, not what people think of them… yet!

Heh heh…

Here is the result of the “rainbow cookies”!

I followed the recipe exactly and I am very happy with how they came out! They are a SHITE load of work, what with the cooking of the eggs first and then putting them through a sieve and mixing the batter and adding the colour and the rolling and the refrigerating and the glueing and the cutting… But they are so very yummy with an almost flaky texture to them.

I think I will add a little more colour to the purple layer next time, as well as rolling the dough a wee bit thicker for a wider cookie. Here they are cooling after they came out of the oven…

rainbow cookies

And here they are finished!

Ready to be collected and taste tested by Cybelle.

rainbow cookies

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