My Entry For The @BBCLifestyle #BakingMadSA Cupcake Competition Is In!

I think I did it!

It took me two weeks or so to perfect the recipe, but I think I did it. My husband and my son were the first to taste it (after myself of course) and declared it divine! I had a few other people taste it and everyone was in agreement as the the fabulosity of the cupcake.

So I went ahead and submitted my “Strawberry Heaven” cupcake recipe to be judged by the fantastic Eric Lanlard!

Now, of all the entries, they will choose only ten to bake and taste, and then choose one winner from those ten. The submitted recipes had to be very clear on ingredients, measurements and method and such so that they can bake a cupcake that tastes the way you want it to taste even though its baked by someone else! What is nerve racking is that the BBC Lifestyle Cupcake Competion is open to AFRICA- not just SOUTH Africa!! So you can imagine how many entries there are going to be! And I keep going over my recipe and wondering if it was clear enough to sound appealing to a professional and that should they- by some miracle- choose mine to be one of those they actually bake that it will taste like I know it should!

And now I wait! And wait!

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