A 60-21 Birthday Cake!

My daddy darling turned 60 this September, and my son turned 21 this past April! We didn’t have money to do something “big” for my son in April (we went out for dinner in celebration) so we decided to combine my dad’s and my son’s milestone birthdays and have one celebration for both.

This cake is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter icing. I then covered the cake with blue and black sugarpaste, half-half, and decorated one side of the cake for my dad and the other half of the cake for my son. The decorations were handmade (without moulds) out of sugarpaste and we served it for dessert. It was polished off in short order and I was very glad not to have half a ton of left over chocolate cake!

chocolate cake, sugarpaste cover, twenty first birthday, sixtieth birthday, sugarpaste skull, sugarpaste duck

For my son’s side of the cake I made a sugarpaste skull. Or tried to… Heh heh… The nature of fondant (AKA pettinice, sugarpaste or plastic icing) means that as it dries it cracks if you manipulate it which worked like a bomb to make the skull look cracked and old, but I got the shape of the skull a little wrong and it looks more like a Neanderthal or a gorilla… LOL!

sugarpaste skull, handmade, fondant skull

For my dad’s side of the birthday cake my mom and I together made a yellow duck wearing a life-saver and smoking a cigar!

sugarpaste duck, cigar smoking duck, life preserver, fondant, handmade

I also served some of my own recipe “fudge” (strawberry, cappuccino and vanilla flavour) which is not like South African “traditional” fudge in that it has white chocolate in it. Its sweet and rich and its much like eating little blocks of ice cream and it just melts in your mouth!

american-style fudge made with white chocolate, strawberry flavour, vanilla flavour, cappuccino flavour


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