A @Pillsbury Surprise!

Today I received a beautiful, beribboned blue box from a courier and I was surprised by the weight of the box when he handed it over!
I could hardly wait to open it- after tweeting a picture of the box first, of course- and was pleasantly surprised by a selection of Pillsbury goodies in their sexy new packaging!
How cool is that!??! Am I spoilt or what!??!!
And tell me this isn’t the cutest USB you’ve ever seen!
As you can imagine, I don’t really use pre-packaged cake mixes in my business, but I have used them many times in the past! In fact, most of my knucklehead’s birthday cakes when he was growing up came out of box mixes! And if ever there was a time to experiment with box cakes- its Christmas! I have a big family and for months already we’ve been working out who will be where and bringing what over the festive season, it gets quite crazy. So I am now sorted for dessert for several get-togethers. I was going to bake anyway- that is my thing- and now I will do these so I can tell you all about them!

Pillsbury™, South Africa’s premium retail baking brand has launched its newly revived packaging. The revamped design was brought to market after almost eight years with the previous packaging, and aims to not only be more visible on store shelves, but will also give Pillsbury™ the opportunity to introduce customers to their latest cake mix addition, the FUNFETTI™Cake Mix.

General Mills Brand Manager, Janine Ho-Lin says, “The entire Pillsbury™ retail dry mix range has been rejuvenated, giving it a more exciting and playful look.  This decision to redesign the packaging was made to ensure that all packs conform to the new labeling legislation and R146 regulations, making nutritional information more visible to consumers, as well as to align the product range with the international brand identity…

Pillsbury™ provides easy ways for busy moms to create delightful family moments, through a wide range of premium quality products, based on strong baking expertise and a contemporary understanding of today’s fast-paced lifestyle.  It aims to bring back the sensations that anchored many childhood memories of joy and special family moments.

We strive to bring families together through creating strong bonds, igniting creativity and inspiring everyone to be the perfectly imperfect makers of home baking,” concludes Ho-Lin.

Pillsbury™ home bake products are available nationwide at Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Spar and other retail stores. Product prices vary on product type and range between R32.99 and R42.99.

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7 Responses to A @Pillsbury Surprise!

  1. Gina says:

    Ooohhhh I think I shall have to buy the funfetti one for Faiths birthday cake next week 🙂

  2. tanya says:

    i dont bake cakes from scratch (I am not awesome like you!) and i ONLY buy pillsbury… that french vanilla one is AMAZING!! and that icing in the cans is so divine! yum.

    enjoy experimenting 🙂

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