I Made Cookies With @Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix!

Do you remember I told how I’d been sent a box of Pillsbury goodies so they could show off their snazzy new packaging?
The first one I tried was the Pillsbury Brownie Mix, and then a couple of weeks ago I found links on Pinterest to recipes using cake mix to make cookies and I just had to try that too!

Today was the day as I was tasked with providing dessert for tomorrow’s Christmas Day family festivities (I’ve done a “poke cake” as well, but I’ll post more on that after Christmas).
I’ve linked to the recipe I used, but I will describe the procedure here briefly.

Instead of adding the prescribed amount of water and oil to the cake mix, you add the required eggs, a stick of softened butter, and some vanilla extract, and beat it all together. Next time I will add an extra cup of plain wheat flour because the batter was too sticky to roll out even after chilling in the fridge and the freezer for a couple of hours.

The cookies are DIVINE! I will definitely be making these again! I baked them at 180°C for 10 minutes on a flat cookie sheet, and they spread out a lot whilst baking.

I think they taste different to a regular cookie recipe but my Glugster says they don’t, let me know what you think if you try these yourself.

Thank you Pillsbury, I’m having a lot of fun!

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