Lookit! @Pillsbury Brownies!

Remember when Pillsbury sent me a surprise hamper to promote their new packaging?
Well, the first thing I decided to experiment with was the brownie mix.
Dead easy to mix too!

pillsbury brownies box mix

For me, a brownie has to have nuts in it, so I added a 100g packet of roasted, salted and chopped cashews and macadamias.

Pillsbury Brownies with added nuts

And here they are, hot out of the oven…

pillsbury brownies with added nuts fresh out of the oven

The box says it makes nine brownies, but I used a 20cm square pan and I managed to cut twelve nice square brownies.

pillsbury brownies box mix with added nuts

And here is the finished brownie, nuts included!

pillsbury brownies box mix with added nuts

I will give it 5 minutes less in the oven next time as I would have preferred the inside to be a little bit gooier, but these were delicious and they disappeared in short order, let me tell you!

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