Baking A Cake So Its Flat On Top

I have found several tutorials on how to do exactly this – how to bake a cake so it doesn’t rise into a dome in the middle, and how to cool it flat when it comes out of the oven.

Whilst I know some of my recipes won’t bake into a dome, my sponge cake recipes are fabulously light and soft.

And to be entirely honest with you, I LOVE it when a sponge cake rises into a perfect, smooth dome in my oven.
It tells me I mixed my ingredients just right, that my oven is at the right temperature, and that when I test it lightly with my finger it will spring back up into its beautiful shape when its done.
The thrill of delight and the sense of achievement I feel when a cake comes out of my oven perfectly is hard to match.

And when it comes time to decorate that cake, I simply slice the dome off the top using my special cake slicer and I put it aside.
When my husband and son come home from work and see me decorating a cake, or smell that I have been baking, the first thing they look for is the lunchbox full of off-cuts in the fridge!
It makes them happy and it makes me smile.

Cake is never wasted in my house!

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