Holiday Baking!

Even when I’m on holiday I bake! Its something I love to do so I think its fun.

It has gotten rather expensive to bake for fun though, so when I have a chance to try something different without breaking the bank, I go for it!

This December holiday, I visited the Southdowns Mall Deeghuys store to get something my mom-in-law wanted, and I was smitten. They have an unbelievable range of frozen pastries that can be thawed and baked at home!
Copenhagens, cheese burger pies, custard slices, all kinds of bread rolls, cookies, pizzas, breads, cakes… I didn’t know what I wanted to try first, and they are so reasonable priced! I bought a bag of 20 frozen chocolate croissants for my MIL for R72!
I eventually settled on a roll of double chocolate frozen cookie dough, mini frozen custard Danishes, and frozen focaccias – spending less than R200, including the croissants!

Today I defrosted and then baked a focaccia – topping it with cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions and caramelised peppers. I completely forgot to add the feta cheese I’d bought!
It was easy, it rose beautifully – I defrosted it for four and a half hours, in which time it more than doubled in size!



I then squished it flat and spread it out with my fingers (I’ll roll it out a little more next time), pressed the already cooled onions, peppers, and uncooked, halved cherry tomatoes into the raw batter, and put it in a preheated oven for 20 minutes.


It was delicious! It’ll be even better with the cheese on and next time I’ll bake it for about 10 minutes before I put the toppings on. Ooh, and I’ll roast the tomatoes in Balsamic vinegar a little first.

And the best part – I still have 4 frozen focaccias in the freezer! I’ll be doing a few more for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the family.

I must just state – as per my Lady Bloggers pledge – that I was not asked or paid to write any blog posts about Deeghuys. I went there of my own accord, and I purchased the frozen goodies to experiment with using my husband’s Christmas bonus!
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